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What’s the cure for a holiday-hangover?

Has returning from your most recent holiday got you feeling blue? Why not take a leaf out of other UK holidaymakers’ books and cure your post-break hangover by booking another trip?

A major new survey by Auto Europe reveals that many Brits feel a little deflated and demotivated when returning to work after a week or two in the sun, but some Brits have found ways to perk themselves back up and start feeling a little more cheerful.

More than half of those polled feel the need to employ some sort of coping methods, with the most common strategy involving hitting the shops for a little therapy, while others book their next holiday without signing it off with their boss – indicating that taking a break from work is very important to many.

Few turn to food and alcohol to cure a holiday hangover, with some hitting the bottle and others turning to the comfort provided by unhealthy snacks like sweets and chocolate.

And why do people feel so glum when they get back to work after a break? According to the survey, the problems waiting at the office, like technical issues and a plethora of unread emails, make Brits anxious about getting back to the daily grind.

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