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Winter Car Maintenance

As one of the world leading car hire brokers, Auto Europe cares not only about quality car hire but is also committed to its customers overall holiday satisfaction. Our blog is abundant with useful tips related to cars, car hire and travelling in general. Today we’re looking into the basics of winter car maintenance.

With the coldest season getting into full swing, we believe giving your car proper care during these cold days is crucial in order to maintain their functionality.

To begin with, plan a tune-up or a regular scheduled check-up if possible before winter.


Treat your battery with a volt test before winter. The chances are, it will grow weaker during a harsh winter. Our tip is to invest in a good battery before winter starts to spare yourself getting stranded in the cold.

Wiper blades

windshieldWipers should be replaced once or twice a year. Ideally, replace them before winter as the cold can cause damage and cracks the rubber. A bonus tip – leave the wiper blades up at night to prevent them sticking to the windscreen on a frosty night.


With daylight being scarce in winter, you’d be using car lights even more than usual. Make sure you check all your headlights and bulbs before setting off on a trip and have a spare set ready, just in case. Clean the lights and rub them with car wax for additional protection. Once it dries, take it off, and you’ll have a surface which makes it harder for slush to stick to your lights.


An easy simple way to protect windows is by covering them up with a sheet during the night. Never underestimate the power of dirt that ends up on your windows. Always have your windscreen-washer tank full of a winter/antifreeze window solution. Air-conditioning as well as the heater play a significant role in clearing the windows and reducing humidity in the air.


Low temperatures can have a damaging effect on your engine, since oil tends to thicken up and cause more work for the engine. As oil comes in various viscosities, it is essential that you know what type your car needs. The right amount of the right winter-suitable engine oil will definitely enhance your engine performance.

Supplies of Antifreeze


Antifreeze is a must during winter days. It will protect your engine not only from freezing or boiling over, but will also help against corrosion brought on by wet air. Your engine cooling system normally takes half antifreeze and half distilled water to keep the temperature steady. Make use of antifreeze or coolant testers at your local repair shop as they are mostly done for free or for a minimum fee.



No one wants to spend the winter driving a car with worn-out tyres. Such a dismal and dangerous prospect can be easily avoided by replacing old all-weather tyres with some good quality winter ones. Do not try to save money by buying the cheapest winter tyres, as your safety may be in question.
Only those performing best in snow traction are good enough. For extreme winter conditions and mountainous landscapes, make sure you follow the country regulations and equip yourself with specially designed winter tyres on time.

Floor Mats

Winter floor mats should not be underestimated at all. It’s worth having them in the car to keep the dirt, slush and water off the car floor. They add up to the tidiness but also to corrosion protection.

Things to have in the car:

  • Emergency Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Winter Socks (yes, if you need to push the car on a slippery road, they might come in handy over boots!)
  • De-icing spray
  • Extra phone charger

If you have anything to add to our list, please leave a comment below. We’re looking forward to your comments!

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3 Responses to Winter Car Maintenance

  1. Jack says:

    I am pleased to read this post, sometimes these kinds of small things pay huge benefits in your customer’s experience. If anyone keeps in mind for car maintenance, these will pay off.

  2. Bella Ross says:

    Cars battery is one the biggest problem in winter, I am agree with you, if you have faced this kind of problem that you better understand how painful this. I have had an experience so I want to share some tips and tricks may be helpful for you guys. In winter season please try to switch all electrical items, when you are going to start your car. Try to give sometime between the attempts to start the car and if not work than try to jump start the battery.

  3. Burt Brothers says:

    Winter might give your car some damage and it is a mist to have your car checked. An emergency kit is also important when you experience problems along the way. Safety is the main priority, that’s why you have to keep everything prepared and in good state.

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